Richard Castaldo will be on the June 8th Primary Ballot. If you live in Santa Monica, Westwoord, West Hollywood, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Topanga, Malibu, or Canoga Park, you will be able to vote for him and other Peace and Freedom candidates if you register P&F.


Richard Castaldo was born in San Diego, CA in 1981. He lived in Denver for 15 years and moved to L.A. in 2007 to attend SAE Institute, where he received a degree in sound engineering. he is currently an engineer and musician.

He attended Columbine High School in Littleton, CO, and was a victim of the infamous shootings there in April, 1999; consequently, Richard remains in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury. Because of this, he has been a subject of numerous documentaries including Bowling for Columbine and Peacejam. He has also been involved with non-documentary projects.

Join Richard’s Rockers,

and Rock the System!






Demonstrate your resistance to the policies of war and corporate bailouts by registering Peace and Freedom Party before May 23, 1010.

You can also help by urging your friends, neighbors and co-workers to do the same. And you can help by contributing money and volunteering to work in the campaign.

Defund all wars of Imperialism. (Including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan)

Single-payer not for profit healthcare.

Abolish corporate “Personhood”. Rights belong to human beings not Corporations.

Terminate the Patriot Act and restore the Bill of Rights.

End Corporate and Bank Bailouts and create Green Jobs.